Night Dive (3 dives)

In a different light.

Doesn’t your curiosity end at the end of the day with the sunset?

After sunset, the diurnal sea creatures give way to the nocturnal ones that inhabit the underwater world. A night dive gives you completely different sensations and emotions: the environment is transformed, visibility, reference points, buoyancy management, everything changes. For this you need the right training: the PADI Night Diver course teaches you how to manage your navigation orientation, contacts with your buddy, the use of the torch for exploration and much more in the dark.

  • Age: 14 years (12 for Junior);
  • Body and mind: valid medical certificate;
  • Experience: at least 4 recorded dives – 10 recommended;
  • Patent: PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent from other teaching
What do we give you?
  • Torch;
  • Digital manual included with final exam;
  • PADI Night Diver Patent.