“From birth people carry the weight of gravity on his shoulders.

But underwater we are free.”

(Jacques Yves Cousteau)

Where we dive?

We have more than 50 dive points among coral walls, caves, shoals and canyons distributed along our coast from Isola Rossa to Costa Paradiso. We reach them with our dinghies, in a sailing time ranging from 10 minutes for the closest up to a maximum of 30 minutes for the most distant.

The trips throughout the day are organized according to the position of our dive sites, grouped into three macro coastal geographical areas based on the distance from our dive shop.

Area 1

Short range

Area 1

They are the Isola Rossa’s local sites, located less than a mile in front of the port – maximum 5/10 min of navigation by dinghy.

Area 2

Middle range

Area 2

Sites between Punta Canneddi and Cala Tinnari – maximum 20 min of navigation by dinghy.

Area 3

Long range

Area 3

Sites at the maximum distance to the east, from Porto Leccio to the end of Costa Paradiso – maximum 30 min of navigation by dinghy.

How we dive?

Our outings are all led by a staff member.

Each site offers a unique scenario, but also requires specific skills and experience depending on the features required to be visited. For this reason we organize them into three categories.


Suitable for all patent levels. They are diving in open environments, totally safe, and guarantee a marine show and fun for everyone. The maximum depth is 18 meters, so you can maximize the diving time. These sites vary from walls rich in Mediterranean flora, such as the Rabbit Wall, to paths between rocky pinnacles, such as the Secca di Porto Leccio.


Suitable for advanced patents. This dives require greater control of trim and air consumption for a descent into the blue of the open waters. They reach a maximum depth of 30 meters. These sites open their doors to breathtaking emotions through canyons of white sand, such as Canyon of Viking, or admiring walls of dense coral, such as Rocca Ruja, excellence of its kind.


Suitable for experienced divers who meet the requirements for these depths. These dives make the most of the limits in recreational diving up to 40 meters, in environments requiring a certain familiarity and experience. These are the perfect sites for the exploration of underwater caves and caverns, where you can admire their lights show, as in Camelot, or meet their lobster inhabitants and hosts, as in Tana di Gavino.


Children and teenagers in diving have different limits than adults and they too must be able to fully enjoy the dive and have fun. For this reason, our young people always have a dedicated professional who guides them in an experience each time tailored to the composition of the junior group and the limits provided by the patent and age, to which accompanying adults can participate according to their parameters.

How we are equipped?

How we are organized

Upon your arrival, our offices welcome you with a check-in, where we ask to you, if you are already a diver, to bring with you and submit your patents, the logbook and a medical certificate to carry out the diving activity.

We take note of the equipment you need to rent or arrange for storage if you already have it.

If you don’t have your own insurance, finally, we offer short-term insurance solutions from DAN Europe to give you the serenity, not to think about anything anymore.

Now, we organize together with you the diving calendar, choosing days and times you prefer.

You can decide between four different appointments within the day.

Our dives are individual and require about two hours of time each, to give you maximum flexibility in organizing your day and vacation.

The first dive is always a Welcome Dive, a way to meet ourselves and get to know each other.

Choose the equipment that best suits you, check your weight, approach to our way of diving and we to yours.

If you haven’t been underwater for a long time, no problem: we organize for you Reactivate, a theoretical and practical PADI program to be carried out with your instructor in about 3 hours, ideal to return to the water safely.