If you have 5 minutes, we’ll tell you our story

Sardinia, Gulf of Asinara, Costa Rossa, looking north.

A warm and welcoming land.

Unique flora and fauna in and out of the water.

This is our home and this is where we started and carried out our project with pride: a diving center made of people, for people.

From a solid friends group, we became a family:

passionate, simple and trustworthy people.

Our sea, which we have learned to know every detail of, nuance, wealth, creature, has grown us and made us who we are today.

We started diving for passion twenty years ago, learning from a professional group who knew, like us today, that it’s not just about technique and experience: you need the atmosphere and the right company to enjoy a dive, before, during and after.

Today we continue to dive, enriching every day our baggage of experience, which we can boast of, full of dedication, sacrifice, professionalism and thousands of dives. Always looking for quality, because in our eyes you are people with emotions to discover, not numbers.

With this inherited spirit from twenty years we explore and navigate the beautiful waters between Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa. We have become a PADI dive resort, always scouring new lands between technique, snorkeling, environmental conservation and much more.

Bluassoluto was born from all of this.

We chose to wear this uniform today, putting ourselves in command of a new vessel, to continue to do diving as we always do.

It’s the next chapter in our story: as in any good book, scenarios and characters change and a few twists and turns intervene, but the content is the same and the plot continues.

It’s a new beginning, with the same mission as always: welcome you as a guest at our table, make you feel fine and at ease, guide you in the water and share this experience with you, side by side.

Bluassoluto is a real rebirth, with something extra.

To continue our journey with the best ingredients, strong values of a lifetime:

simplicity, sharing, safety, professionalism, passion, fun.

We inherited and cultivated them in our own home, a timeless home.

They are our DNA.