Deep Diver (4 dives)

The call of abyss.

Do you like to cross the line and find out what’s beyond?

The deep waters of the seas and oceans have always been something mysterious and exciting at the same time. What you can observe in depth has a priceless and unique charm, in every place in the world: a wreck, a cave or an archaeological site. The Deep Diver specialty guides you in deep dive awareness up to 40 meters, in the consolidated torque procedure, trim improvement, air supply management and safety fundamentals to penetrate even more into the underwater world.

  • Age: 15 years;
  • Body and mind: valid medical certificate;
  • Experience: at least 9 recorded dives – 30 recommended;
  • Patent: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent from other teaching.
What do we give you?
  • Digital manual included;
  • PADI Deep Diver Patent.